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Keith’s primary focus is on leadership in a changing world – looking at the shifts required of leaders and organisations in both their thinking and practice when it comes to leadership. Allied to this focus area are future trends and disruption, diversity and bringing out the best in those you lead.

As a founding partner in TomorrowToday, Keith has the privilege of working across multiple industries in a global context at both an executive and senior leadership level. He is comfortable in addressing sizable conferences to executive teams sitting around the boardroom table and has repeatedly been told that the thinking that he and TomorrowToday represents, is amongst the very best anywhere and is truly world-class.

Keith has formally studied leadership teams in organistaion change and have a background in both corporate banking and the non-profit sector in South Africa. He is a published author and at the request of the King of Sweden did work with the Sweden Economic Forum.



Introducing Keith Coats

We need to disrupt the learning process
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Nicholas H. Barker (Ph.D.)
Director, Asia Pacific Leadership Program


“I first met Keith in 2002, when I invited him to speak at the East-West Center in the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP), our flagship leadership education program. His pilot teaching was so successful that I have invited Keith back annually ever since for periods of 2-3 weeks modular teaching on i) the nature of leadership in a globalizing world, ii) learning how to learn leadership, and iii) learning to lead diversity.  We have now worked together for the past seventeen years.  His evaluations have consistently been the best in the program and he remains one of the most insightful people I know in the world on leadership.”

Testimonial (Marc Crothall)
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