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8 essential skills vital to ensuring personal adaptability in a changing world.

How best does one ensure that you are prepared for the ‘new world of work’? In a context of exponential change, what will it take to be ‘future-fit’? These are important questions for everyone to be asking – wherever it is you find yourself along your career path.


This keynote / workshop, based on our global experience and research, identifies and explores 8 essential skills vital to ensuring personal adaptability in a changing world.


To be successful and relevant in tomorrow’s world will demand that both individuals and organisations are adaptable. The need to be adaptable goes beyond being a strategic imperative – it is something that needs to be cultivated at a ‘DNA’ level. It necessitates being a learner and this is the focus of this new TomorrowToday presentation / workshop: what needs to be learnt today in order to develop an adaptive DNA that will make thriving tomorrow possible? The what (it is), why (it is important) and how (to do it) of each of the eight skills will be explained. Participants will leave with a clear idea as to what the future will demand of them and how to prepare for that future today.

The eight future-fit skills our
research has identified are:

Horizon scanning and what if thinking

How to think like a Futurist and plan for different future scenarios


Adaptive Intelligence, sense-making and complex problem solving

Knowing what to do when no one knows what to do


Personal Intelligence

Being your best you


Diversity and Social Intelligence

Successfully build relationships and navigate social structures


Creativity and Intuition

Expand your thinking


Curiosity and Storytelling

Why asking questions and sharing stories are critical and how to be better at both


Initiative and entrepreneurship

Succeeding in the new economy


Being tech savvy

The things you need to know to keep up with the technology powering the future of work

Take Home Value
  • Understand the importance of ensuring that you are ready and prepared for tomorrow’s demands

  • Have a contextual understanding and insight as to what these demands are and feel motivated towards developing the eight skills necessary

  • Know what you can to do today in preparing yourself for tomorrow

  • Appreciate what it will take to enhance your own value and contribution in the ‘new world of work’

Horizon Scanning
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