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Equipment requirements

With regard to equipment for his presentation or workshop, Keith uses a full multi-media presentation from his own laptop computer (an Apple MacBook). He needs the following equipment to be provided for him:


  • Keith uses his own laptop as an autocue and makes adjustments to the presentation ‘in the moment’, so needs it to be positioned on the stage where he will be presenting. He needs to see his notes and the next slide view. Keith will provide either an HDMI or VGA connector for his Apple Mac.

  • A data projector to connect to his laptop, projected onto a large enough screen that everyone has full view of it.
    out – and needs to connect to a full sound system.

  • Sound for the full audio he uses with the presentation. This connects to his laptop computer in the standard way – the stereo head phone out – and needs to connect to a full sound system.

  • If the size of the venue and number of participants requires it, a lapel microphone (or equivalent – hand held, headset, etc) will be required to amplify his voice as well. A countryman headset mic is preferred.


If you are unable or unwilling to provide the above setup, you MUST confirm this with Keith or his agent as part of confirming the event.


Brief Biography

Keith Coats is a futurist and leadership expert, with global experience as a presenter, facilitator and author. 


Keith shares his experience with audiences around the world, helping them understand the leadership response to a global context of change, complexity and uncertainty. 

Keith believes that the greatest threat for most leaders right now is not the turbulence in their marketplaces and industries, but rather applying yesterday’s logic to tomorrow’s world.

He works regularly with Business Schools, including London Business School, Duke CE, and the East West Centre in Hawaii as well as Corporate clients like Nestle, Boeing, Credit Suisse, DSM, Ipsen, HSBC Banking, and Generali Insurance.

Keith helps senior management and executive leadership, identify the disruptive forces shaping their industries and assists with a leadership response to develop a future-focused toolkit for themselves and their organisations.

Keith’s research has clearly identified the key-defining factor for a successful leader in the 21st century is the ability to learn, grow and be adaptable. 

He believes that leaders need to have access to new frameworks and thinking in order to successfully lead into the future.

Keith is the co-author of the book ‘Leading in a Changing World’ and writes regularly for many different publications. Keith is a founding partner of the international consultancy TomorrowToday Global.


Introduce Graeme



Our next speaker is an internationally recognised futurist. He specialises in the future of work and has helped companies across the world to understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years. He’s worth listening to because he has five degrees, five best selling books and lectures at five international universities including London Business School and Duke. But don’t worry, he’s not a boring academic; he’s steeped in business knowledge having worked at KPMG, for an IT start up and in the charity sector. And he is an entrepreneur – he’s one of the founders of strategy consulting firm TomorrowToday Global. He works in over 20 countries every year with some of the world’s top companies, and today he’s here with us. Please welcome Graeme Codrington.


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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The following are Keith Coats and his company, TomorrowToday Ltd’s, standard terms and conditions of engagement with clients. These terms and conditions may be negotiated but will apply in the absence of any expressly agreed upon variation by the parties. 


Service Prerequisites 

Keith Coats (and TomorrowToday) and the client agree to keep confidential all information passing between them and to treat such information in the same manner as they would their own confidential matters. 


Keith needs to maintain a fully independent position with the client at all times to ensure that advice and information is based on pertinent facts and developed from relevant experience. 


The client is not duty bound to take and/or act on the advice or information passed on by Keith Coats, and if the client does, the client does this at their own risk. 


Keith provides either knowledge in the form of advice, speaking, presentations or training, and/or a service in the form of an activity, under the guidance and knowledge of the client and is based on trust. TomorrowToday Limited will provide knowledge and/or services as requested by the client to the best of their ability, at all times, and will endeavour to keep abreast of new information relevant to the service it provides where ever reasonably practical. 


Keith will keep the client informed of progress on all activities carried out for and on behalf of the client according to the requirements of the client as laid down before the work commences. In the absence of an agreement in advance of work commencing, Keith will endeavour to keep the client informed on a regular basis. 


Charges and Fees 

Unless otherwise stated in agreements, contracts or quotes, all time spent working for a client is chargeable at the agreed rate. Time spent includes consultancy visits, client meetings, research, presentations, writing and delivering training courses and production of presentation or course materials. 


Unless otherwise stated in agreements, contracts or quotes, all materials and expenses incurred relating to delegate packs, handouts, venue costs, travel, accommodation, hire of equipment or any other expenses relating to providing the service are charged at cost. 

Keith makes the travel arrangements using Star Alliance members for all flights wherever possible. 
Fees are net of local taxes or discernments, which must be settled locally by the client. 



All charges are due in advance of the service being provided. Payment of at least 50% of the fee serves as confirmation of the booking, and it must be paid within 7 days of issue of an invoice. The remainder of the fee is due on or before the date of delivery of the engagement. 



Cancellation fees will be charged as follows: 

  • Within 15 days of the event above, 100% of the above fee will be payable.     

  • Between 15 days and 30 days, 75% of the above fee will be payable.     

  • More than 30 days, 50% of the above fee will be payable.     

  • Should you have to cancel the event we will endeavour to credit payments made to future work commissioned by yourselves. 


If Keith is unable to perform the speech due to accident or illness, TomorrowToday will endeavour to provide a replacement speaker on agreement with the client. Failing this, TomorrowToday undertakes to return any fee already paid by the client. 


Force Majeure

In the event this agreement cannot be performed or any of its obligations fulfilled for any reason beyond the reasonable control of either party including war, industrial action, natural disasters, access, then such non-performance or failure to fulfil the obligation hereunder shall be deemed not to be breach of this agreement.  


Governing Law 

This contract shall in every respect be governed by English Law without prejudice to any right Keith Coats may have to take proceedings in any part of the world. The English Courts to whose jurisdiction the client submit by entering into this agreement with Keith Coats shall have jurisdiction in the event of any dispute arising out of this agreement.

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