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Exploring personality differences

and why it matters

You lead out of who you are. This is the very essence of authentic leadership. To exercise leadership, you need to build a systematic framework that will yield a bigger picture, and give you access to a larger field of understanding and action. This starts with personal mastery. It starts with knowing yourself and building on one’s strengths. This dynamic workshop, offers profound insights into why we act, relate and lead the way we do.

In the extensive international work that TomorrowToday does, we have yet to find a framework in the area of self-awareness and personal mastery, that comes close to the effectiveness and applicability of the Enneagram. It translates East to West, across generational, cultural and industry boundaries, making it an invaluable tool in the on-going challenge of inviting the best out of others.

The Enneagram is highly effective in:
  • Understanding Leadership Styles & Leadership Development

  • Building Effective Teams

  • Enhancing Sales Performance

  • Customer Relations and Management

  • Personal Development

  • Coaching / Mentoring

  • Managing / Supervising

  • Recruitment

  • Parenting

Take Home Value
  • Invigorates personal development and learning

  • Provides clear and practical insights to improve leading and managing others – including areas such as giving feedback, dealing with conflict and task suitability

  • Will assist in ensuring better communication, both internally and externally

  • Will enhance team cohesion and performance

  • Provides a deeper understanding as to the motivators underpinning behaviour and performance

Self Awareness Enneagram Keith Coats
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